Leslie Kent Publications

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 1
Paintings 1-49
Paintings 50-99
Paintings 100-149
Paintings 150-199
Paintings 200-233


The above may be of interest to those with a particular interest in the work of Leslie Kent. The information can be viewed in the browser or saved as a pdf to your own computer.


Appendix One

A record of work produced.


Appendix Two

A record of paintings sold or given away.


Notes on Painting

All of Leslie's notes on painting techniques which he gleaned from a number of artist friends or aquaintances.



Produced by Barrie Kent based on Appendix One & Two and included, where possible, photographs of the paintings. Available here in five pdf files. The quality of the photographs is not always very high but they do mean that it is possible to know which painting is being referred to in the listings.